Andy Giessman is the founder and executive director of Addison’s Walk Institute for Christian Studies in Scranton, PA. Addison’s Walk seeks to engage the academic community at the crossroads of faith, reason, and culture. He has advanced degrees in theology and philosophy and teaches both at the University of Scranton.

Andy has 25 years of youth ministry and pastoral experience. He lives in Scranton’s Hill Section with his wife Becky, and two kids.

He is on an endless quest to find the world’s greatest sandwich (hoagie, sub, grinder).

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  1. So good to see Becky on Friday, just sorry we missed you. Glad to hear that have tken a church. Becky said that you really are enjoying the ministry. We are praying for you as we think of you.

  2. Re: Announcements… I agree, announcements should be minimalized (but not eliminated) as much as possible. My wife’s church has successfully done this by posting all announcements on the PowerPoint and showing that for about 15 minutes before the start of service, and again immediately following. That way, the pastor can just mention them in outline form and get on with the real reason(s) for assembling: Prayer, worship and the Word! Good thoughts on your post.

  3. Andy – I want to steal one of your lines. It’s one of your 5 srmons. “There is one God and ‘busyness’ is not His name nor His preferred form of worship.” I’d like to put that as a quote in a news letter. Do I have your permission?

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