Preaching to Myself: 5 Sermons I Need to Hear

I wish I only had to hit the ground running in 2012.  Instead of a run, I have had to come in at warp speed!

The decision for the move of New Life Baptist Church came just two days before Christmas.  We left for California, for school, on the 31st.  Since we got back we have been in full on crisis mode.  I am looking forward to being a pastor again and not so much a property manager and moving consultant.  I am so thankful for a dedicated team of Ministry Leaders who have been very proactive in thinking about what needs to be done!  There is much to do, yet, but we will get there.

The few brief moments of quiet have been a haven of respite for prayer and thinking.  God has been teaching my spirit about 5 key lessons he wants me to remember as we move ahead.  Maybe these are things you need to be reminded of too.

1. There is one God and “busyness” is not his name or his preferred form of worship.
2. Living by grace requires more faith than living by lists.
3. Being a pastor is a lot of fun but it is deadly serious.
4. God is totally sovereign and there is not one decision, person, or thing that escapes his command.
5. Practicing love is way harder than talking about love.

This is going to be a year of adventure for me and NLBC.  My hope is that you will join in.

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  1. Very important lessons indeed, hope some of this comes from the pulpit soon. Love you man, you’re doing a great job being a property manager/moving consultant.

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